A tailored approach to GenAI

How using Retrieval Augmented Generation can enhance your AI development and deployment

Webinar A good way to initiate generative AI (GenAI) without a massive investment in hardware or long waits for procurement might be to use Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

RAG can allow you to run an off-the-shelf large language model (LLM) hosted on the public cloud, but using your own data which is held securely in your own databases. It can be implemented on-premises creating tailored, accurate response for your own unique requirements. Not only does this help avoid deploying GenAI on the cloud with all the inherent data security risks that entails, it also means projects can be built and implemented in days rather than months.

You can find out more by joining the Register's Tim Phillips in conversation with David O'Dell of Dell (no relation) on 13 December 5pm GMT/12pm ET/9am PT. Together, they'll explain how RAG can help get you started with GenAI, and just where it can take your business.You'll learn how to expose and dismantle the blockers that prevent you from taking advantage of GenAI, and get tips on easy implementation and the useful role can play in AI development and deployment.

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