I am born in hefei, Anhui, China and completed my high school there before I came to Singapore. I graduate with merit from National University of Singapore in 2003. After working in serveral job positions for 3 years, I finally decided to do my own business in 2007. Thus I registered a business named "ChooseBuy" in Singapore.

ChooseBuy was initially thought to develop into a decision-making system which could help shoppers find the best value for money deals online.However, funding and personnel shortage engulfed my enthusiasm. I moved to e-commerce in general and developed my skills in email marketing and web data extraction field. Through sleepless nights and a number of books, I managed to established my fortitude in online marketing and web bot development. Please check the past projects for some reference.

I have also stepped into SMS(short message service) marketing recently and I plan to develop mobile websites/applications as well.